Best (5) Crypto lending platforms you can trust in Africa and Beyond (2024)

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the trusted and best crypto lending platforms in Africa and beyond where one can lend crypto to earn more interest.

By lending cryptocurrency assets to different platforms, one can accrue high interest by staking rather than just keeping it in your wallet. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the trusted and best crypto lending platforms in Africa and beyond where one can lend crypto to earn more interest. Here, you can find:

  • BlockFi
  • CoinRabbit
  • Compound
  • Binance
  • MoneyToken


best crypto lending platforms

When it comes to borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies, Blockfi is a key name. The amazing thing about Blockfi is its unique user-friendly features for all levels of expertise.  Account opening on Blockfi is very simple with only a few details required. Whether you are a beginner or capable of running services with crypto, there are guidelines and support of all forms to all levels of expertise. Blockfi offers as high as an 8.5% annual percentage yield on several cryptocurrencies with monthly payments.

There are no minimum balance requirements or charge deductions on assets. All crypto assets can be stored in one wallet and receive more earnings. By staking crypto assets, one can acquire cash by borrowing from Blockfi at an annual percentage rate of 4.5.



CoinRabbit is known for its simplicity and fastest solution. To open an account on CoinRabbit, you only need an active email or phone number. Its interface is easily accessible to all users of various expertise from zero knowledge about cryptocurrencies to experts who need support or value their time. The security of CoinRabbit is top-notch, safeguarding the funds of its clients worldwide with multiple security checks. CoinRabbit offers a 1.2% annual percentage rate monthly. It also offers loans within the shortest time interval and allows free withdrawals anytime. Passive incomes are made very easy and fast with CoinRabbit. Its fixed 10% annual percentage yield with no conditions supersedes all other rates on the market. CoinRabbit may be young though but has established itself well enough on the market with cooperation with some key market players like Atomic Wallet, ChangeNOW, etc. 


best crypto lending platforms

Compound is another trusted platform as far as the lending and borrowing of cryptocurrency are concerned. With a compound, there are no fees charged for withdrawals or deposits. It supports several cryptocurrencies on its protocol list. One can borrow or deposit from any of the cryptocurrencies listed on its protocol. The compound also ensures the security of its user’s funds and asset building. You can also track rates and prices with the compound platform with the liquidity available at a time. There are no restrictions on asset withdrawal or deposits. Accounts are actively run daily. It also offers other services and tools for decentralizing the finance ecosystem with different interface integration.


best crypto lending platforms

With over a million transactions every second, Binance is considered the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. A unique and distinguishing feature about Binance has its own built ecosystem. It aims at increasing the decentralized finance level worldwide. It supports several service providers building their blockchain Apps on the Binance ecosystem. It allows you to buy, sell, get a loan, swap, and lend your crypto assets all on its platform. One can perform many other tasks associated with blockchain on its platform. It also provides appreciable interest earnings on assets and stakes.   


best crypto lending platforms

MoneyToken is a decentralized platform that helps in the management of crypto assets. Among many services provided by MoneyToken, is its instant loan grants. Its transaction processes are very simple with only a few clicks required. You can acquire a loan by using your assets as collateral without having to sell or lose them. Loan requests are processed a few minutes after the request is accepted with immediate account loading. One can lend its crypto assets to MoneyToken with any cryptocurrency equivalent on its platform or as low as 100 USD. 


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