Best YouTube Channels for Crypto Trading and Investment for Beginners (2024) 

  • The CryptosRUs channel one of the best crypto YouTube channels, and is known for its daily video updates and news on cryptocurrencies. With over 743k subscribers, it is known to be one of the most viewed crypto YouTube channels. 

Our list of Best crypto YouTube channels for beginners are:

  • Jacob Crypto Bury
  • Trader Mayne
  • Benjamin Cowen
  • TechnicalRound up channel
  • Crypto Face
  • CryptosRUs

Jacob Crypto Bury

With over 37k subscribers on YouTube, Jacob Crypto Bury is one of the best channels you should look out for in your quest for more information about crypto. For starters or beginners who look forward to investing in cryptocurrencies, Jacob Crypto Burys’ YouTube channel is the ideal channel for you to get started. He creates video tutorials that are super friendly and suitable for beginners. 

For the latest updates on all reviews regarding crypto projects and price predictions, assets control, staking, and NFTs, this channel got you covered. The channel is known for its first-hand and reliable information. For instance, once upon a time, there was high information demand about Digibyte, Mithril, and Ellipsis finance when they were offering about 1740% Annual percentage yield. However, less was known about them. 

He makes a daily update on happenings in the crypto market. Some of its contents include tutorials on where one can buy cryptocurrency safely, crypto games, and some trusted NFT marketplaces. 

Trader Mayne

Trader Mayne is another household name when it comes to crypto news updates. With a YouTube channel of about 48k subscribers, Mayne readily responds to all questions regarding crypto in his chat. A key feature that has enabled his viewers to enhance their skills as far as crypto trading is concerned. He pumps out really good predictions pointing out all the risks with his ‘if this, then that’ comments guiding viewers on their choices. 

Mayne also makes both short and long livestream updates regarding the crypto market. He always points out the need to have a plan and a strategy for trading in all directions so that if one fails or the price of one asset goes down, you will still have other trading options working for you. A simple way of saying “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Also, with his all-new ‘Markets with Mayne’ live stream updates, he offers tips and guidelines on the psychological aspect of crypto trading.  If you are not strategic and a risk taker, do not try. The choice is in your hands. 

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is also another well-known crypto YouTube channel with over 787k subscribers. It rubs shoulders with the best YouTube channels for crypto trading and investment for beginners. His coverage is mainly on Bitcoin and the bull market support band. His contents are greatly full of the positive sides that crypto offers. Cowens’s focus is on long-lasting news on crypto and not just trends or short-term volatility. Other best crypto YouTube channels do recommend and recognize Cowen as one of the popular channels for all your authentic crypto updates.  

TechnicalRoundup channel

This is a joint channel for Cred and DonAlt. They have almost a million followers on Twitter and about 58k subscribers on YouTube. They post content about how to learn crypto trading and price predictions. They have a scheduled YouTube streaming update. On Mondays, Cred does a livestream post for an hour for Monday markets while DonAlt does the livestream for Wednesday markets. They both stream together on Friday. Both Cred and DonAlt have built a good reputation for themselves as far as crypto trading is concerned. They are the best when it comes to analyzing price charts of any coins requested. They also provide updates on the current prices of big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is one of the best YouTube channels for crypto trading and investment for beginners. 

Crypto Face

Crypto Face is one channel that is peculiar in its operations. With his million-dollar positions on YouTube live streams and about 219k subscribers, his content gives mostly outlines of strategies involved in crypto trading. When it comes to crypto trading, the Crypto Face is a pro which is evident from his numerous wins. The trading software market Cipher was developed by him. He also uses the software in his videos. He does his trading in real-time on the live streams which sometimes does not help him in comments.


The CryptosRUs channel is known for its daily video updates and news on cryptocurrencies. With over 743k subscribers, it is known to be one of the most viewed crypto YouTube channels. He does coverages on the trends in the crypto industry with the help of a professional journalist. Some of his videos give tutorials on how to earn interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other stablecoins.

 Lark Davis

This is a very popular name in the crypto community in terms of analysis and stuff. Lark Davis has 535k subscribers on YouTube and covers a wide range of topics including NFTs, gaming, cryptos, etc. He is also a crypto millionaire. Occasionally, he shares tips on how to get rich just like himself. It is one of the best YouTube channels for crypto trading and Investment for beginners. 


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