Global Luxurious Hotels That Accept Cryptocurrency Payment in (2024) 

  • There are numerous advantages that characterize the use of cryptos, especially for guest who visits these hotels and resorts. 

Quite a several luxurious hotels all over the world are offering guests the chance to make payments with cryptocurrencies. Some of the luxurious hotels that accept crypto payment are;

  • The Pavilions Hotels and Resort
  • S Hotels and Resorts
  • The Chedi Andermatt
  • The Kessler Collection

The Pavilions Hotels and Resort

The Pavilions group has about 14 locations around the world including properties in the Himalayas, Bali, Phuket, Mongolia, and, Niseko in Asia and Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, and Rome in Europe according to a press release. Since July 2021, the group is known for accepting payments in Bitcoin, ETH, and 40 other currencies. It is one of the best luxurious hotels that accept crypto payment

S Hotels and Resorts

Hotels that accept crypto payment

In October 2021, the group liaised with platform FTX to enable its customers to make payments using crypto at two of its luxurious properties in the Maldives. Guest could now make payments in USD Coins and Tether tokens with numerous cryptos expected to be included as released by the press.

The Chedi Andermatt

Hotels that accept crypto payment

For four good years, the Chedi Andermatt had been looking into accepting crypto for payments as it’s one of the hotels that aim at revolutionizing the world of luxury hospitality, but the volatility of the cryptocurrencies at that time made it impossible. 

Currently, the digital payments company Worldline Switzerland through Bitcoin Suisse is enabling payments with cryptos without being subjected to volatility risk. All crypto transactions are immediately converted into Swiss Francs after payment confirmations. This according to Gatt, “ offers the best of both forms of payment options for customers while ensuring that the hotel’s revenues” and businesses are not subject to the volatility of cryptos.

The Kessler Collection

Hotels that accept crypto payment

This hotel is said to be “the first U.S luxury hotel group to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment”. This offer started in March 2021. Cryptos such as Bitcoin, ETH, Dogecoin, and others are all accepted in luxury hotels in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Four other stablecoins are also accepted to supplement the increasing demand. 

Other hotels that take Crypto Now

The use of cryptocurrency has increased worldwide, from the United Arab Emirates to Hong Kong, and the number of luxury hotels that accept various forms of crypto payments 

In the same way, more people are diverting their investments to crypto for a variety of purposes including travel and vacations at luxurious hotels. In the next few years to come, luxurious hotels and resorts will come to a point of accepting even NFTs as a form of payment.

 Benefits of Paying with Crypto

There are numerous advantages that characterize the use of cryptos, especially for guest who visits these hotels and resorts. It provides a safe and easy mode of payment via credit card. It reduces the need for currency conversion across countries. Also, it is said that the cost of processing crypto payments is less than the cost associated with credit card payments.


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